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Scenes from the North Shore

 March 19th - April 30th

The Artist Mercantile is please to present framed works by Kelly O'Brien Beaster. Per Kelly, "Natural images full of color, shape, and texture have always captivated me, and my artwork attempts to recreate these personal responses. I picked up a ballpoint pen with the intent to challenge myself, make quicker decisions in a more permanent medium, but unexpectedly, a new style emerged. These drawings highlight the surreal within our everyday world, the way sunlight transforms rock into a glowing animal or water can hold secrets.

The pen allows for little error in technical rendering but also forces a trust and confidence in myself to recognize when an image is successful. I am only satisfied with a drawing when my eye is carried from one corner to the next, focusing on intricate details. The piece feels almost interactive. Has something been hidden in the shadows? If I listen closely enough, will the bubbling pool tell me what I know it is hiding from me?

These images not only celebrate the beauty of the Lake Superior area but hopefully provoke memories within the viewers' minds of their own quiet oasis. "

The Art of Romance Soiree

Friday, Feburary 5th 6-9pm 

This year the Artist Mercantile will have an art opening on Friday, February 5th from 6-9pm. It will feature works by multiple artists all with the art based on the theme of Love, luscious chocolate truffles for sampling and delectable beverages will also be provided. Open up your heart and come celebrate the season of love. The event is free and will be a night to remember.

You will find a wide variety of art from a multiple artists; ranging from wall sculptures, photography, paintings, digital and mixed media pieces. Every piece of art has been hand picked for this show and was created based on the theme of Love. The images range from realistic to the abstract. One multi-media piece depicts lost love; another artist depicts love for nature, while others pieces are more whimsically and fun. They all vary in price and size, so you will be sure to find the perfect gift for you or that someone special.

Artist, Pauline Marie Buller has a heartfelt response on the theme of Love. Her piece “Looking for love” (photo show above) is a black and white photograph of a telescope facing out and taken atop the Eiffel tower. This along with her photo called “Love Never Fades” of the Eiffel Tower is a nod to Paris. Both were taken in just weeks before the unfortunate attacks.  These impressive pieces capture the eye and absorb the viewer with their touching story, creative expression and point of view.

The Art of Romance runs through March 18th, 2016. Don’t miss it!

Every Thursday 11am - 2pm Nov. 5th – Dec 17th

Come mingle and connect with your community. Drop in Thursdays through Christmas to check out all of your favorite artists. This is your opportunity to meet some of the artists that create the hand - crafted pieces for the Artist Mercantile. Be the first to see their new creations, hear their inspirations, and learn about their techniques and creative process. 

Stop by on your break or lunch hour.

Alice Ann Olsen – Knit Hats etc.  Nov. 5th   

Our knitter who will have her hats and is working is currently working on a shawl o bring in Alice states,” Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, I learned to knit from my mother when I was 5 or 6 years old. She gave me a ball of yarn that I remember was a horrid shade of pruce. She then gave me a set of needles and we would sit after supper or times when the work was done.

She would make hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, shawls and afghans, and I would knit with my big ball of yarn. She was always there to show me how to fix my mistakes. That is one thing I liked about knitting, you can always correct mistakes easily. This makes a relaxing hobby, useful, and lovely when it is finished. I love the feel of yarn as it slips through my fingers and there are no end of patterns to chose from which are not as complicated as the look.”

Michelle Knotz – Vintage & Up-cycled Purses, Flask, Wallets etc.  Nov. 12th  

Per Michelle, “I look for the ads that are most interesting to me, then I laminate them, following with my own paper-fold design. With some of them I add a button or embellishment with a magnetic closer. I found my art to be very therapeutic. This was especially true when I was severely injured in a car accident and was able to use my art as not only therapy but part of my recovery.” Michelle will have her new flasks and purses here along with wallets and more.


Nora Dombrock – Yoga Cards, Holiday Cards, Illustrative Prints  Nov. 19th    

Nora is a St. Paul resident known for her “Yoga Bear” cards and illustrative style that is used in paintings like “Winter Town” a watercolor. Per Nora, This scene depicts “A sparkling winter night in a small town on the river.”  She is well versed in different mediums but prefers to use watercolors, pencil, colored pencils and block print. (Winter Town print – image shown). She will have here holiday cards here too!


DeDesigns Jewelry  – Vintage and New Jewelry Dec. 3rd 

Linda and Leah, mother and daughter team of DeDesign transform vintage pins and jewelry into one of a kind bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Their pieces often have rhinestones or Austrian Crystals, some vintage coins, many types of metals are used, flowers, Art Deco work, etc. This jewelry has a wide range of style; from glamour, elegant, sophisticated to bold and lavish


Kerri Norman – Mixed Metal Jewelry   Dec. 10th   

Kerri is a jewelry designer and metal smith based in the Twin Cities area. She is a full time artist who participates in art fairs across the county and has had her work at the Artist Mercantile for a number of years.

Per Kerri” My work is marked by the use of mixed metals, stones, gems & pearls to create pieces that tend to the industrial & mechanical in appearance while remaining delicate, wearable & femininely modern. Key inspirations are usually natural phenomena, flora & fauna as can be seen in many pieces, especially my latest collections based on sundew plants, jellyfish & storms.”


Barbara Lager – Clocks, Jewelry, Watches, Metalscapes   Dec. 17th  

An artist of many mediums Barbara will have her clocks, jewelry, watches and metalscapes here. Per Barbara,” Born and raised in Chicago, IL a graduate of Illinois State University. I have always been a creative spirit throughout my life in one form or another such as; metal smith, painting, poetry and music.  Years of experimentation have gone into creating my unique mixed-metal and metalscapes. Each piece is created by cutting, layering, hand- anodized Niobium and Aluminum. The colorful  pieces of metals are then chased, engraved,  carefully drilled and riveted together. What inspires me to create each piece is my longing to make people smile and tell a whimsical tale. I have been selling my art successfully throughout the U.S. since 1990. I now reside in St. Paul with my family.” 

Paintings by Greta Sandquist

   Stop in to see original paintings by Greta Sandquist

  Nov. 1st - Dec. 31st, 2015.

  Artist Statement

   Greta Sandquist is inspired by color and     light. She paints subjects from her life – the twin cities, the natural environment, and places she’s traveled. She enjoys the creative process of trying to capture the essence of her subject and to express its  mood. Color plays an important role in  bringing out the vibrant life of her subject.  These brightly saturated hues are a consistent element in her work. Greta’s paintings are created with acrylic paint on hardboard panel. Paint is applied layer after layer, gradually tightening the forms and defining the shapes. Each layer works from dark to light, producing brilliant color. Greta works and lives in St Paul, Minnesota and shows her work throughout the Twin Cities.


Original Paintings by Megan Moore


For the first time ever, the Artist Mercantile acquired a group of original paintings by artist Megan Moore. Stop in to meet her and see her original paintings during her opening on Friday, September 25th from 6-8 pm. See you there!

You may recognize Megan’s work because we have carried her prints and cards for a number of years now. One of Megan’s most well-known is a series of colorful flowers.  In this series Megan illustrates flowers like one piece titled” Begonias”.  This oil painting has an Arts and Crafts style and many people say it resembles stained glass or a block print.  The original “Begonias” painting along with her watercolors of birds and matted prints will be here on display. 

Another piece that has been a popular one here is Coy Pond.  Coy Pond is a vividly colored painting that portrays a woman placing a lantern in a pond while she kneels under a large red tree. This painting was inspired by the Japanese Lantern Festival at Como Park. You may have also seen it when it was on the front page of the Women’s Press.  

Other accolades of her work include promotional material for the 2012 the Minnesota Historical Society’s Nine Nights of Music.  Megan also participates in art fairs, has illustrated a couple of children’s books, done several murals about town and does graphic design work. She is a member of Studiopolis, a nine-artist studio in the Northrup King Building. Megan lives in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis with her husband, son, and soon to be daughter.

Here paintings will be at the Artist Mercantile through October 31st, 2015.


30 Day of Gift Ideas for Mom

Moms are special and they deserve the perfect gift that reflects this. Sometimes this is a challenge, so I give you: 30 Days of Gift Ideas for Mom

Every day for the next thirty days including weekends there will be a photo featured of a hand-crafted item made by a talented Minnesota artist. It will be posting the image on Facebook page

Twitter page

And here on the shopping page

Because each item featured is special and one-of-a-kind like Mom’s are, there is only one to snatch up. 

Feel free to call if you have any questions or inquires. We gift wrap!

Here are some words of wisdom from the person who was thoughtful enough to come up with Mother’s Day in 1908.  Mother’s day is for…"the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world". - Ann Jarvis

The Art of Romance


Book Signing: TUESDAY, FEB. 10th from 12-2PM 

Meet author: Annika Hansen

Jewelry Trunk Show: THURSDAY, FEB. 12th from 12-2PM

Meet jewelry artist: Jenny Levernier 


Book Signing

Author Annika Hansen is the pen name of Carol Kusnierek, who, like her heroine Jess, grew up in a small northern community settled by Scandinavian immigrants. Her pseudonym derives from her own middle name, Ann, and her grandmother Jensine’s maiden name, Hansen.

Carol and her husband, Canadian playwright E.M. Baxter, live in St. Paul with two English bulldogs and an elderly cat. Her passions include gardening, singing with the Twin Cities Labor Chorus, and reading Scandinavian crime fiction.

 About the book: Is home really where the heart is? That’s the question attorney Jess Skoglund must face when she abandons her high-powered Twin Cities career after losing a case that ultimately resulted in the death of her client. Soon after setting up a solo practice on her home town’s Main Street, she rekindles a romance with her high school sweetheart, Cody Oullette, now the county sheriff.   

Jewelry Trunk Show 

Artist Jenny Levernier says,” Stones seduce me; they literally give me chills just looking at them. Not the clear ones like ruby, diamonds, emeralds; the opaque ones like jaspers, opals, agates, and the less familiar ones including gaspeite, Dalmatian and Chinese writing stone. I love the history shown in the pattern of every stone, the story they tell.  My current work focuses on combinations of stones; colors and patterns I feel go well together. More than matching in the traditional sense, I complement and contrast elements creating my vision.”

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Minnesota in Sculpture and Glass. Her trained on the job in a production jewelry studio for 9 years before branching out on my own Jenny’s aesthetic education has been influenced by her involvement with the Minnesota Crafts Council including six years as a board member; her participation since 1990 in national art fairs, as well as workshops taken along the way.

Get your book signed and then pop in to get some lovely gems for you or a loved one this Valentine’s Day!

Gift wrap available. 



Paintings by Carol Strait 

“Movement is my passion. I lean towards the abstract with overtures toward impressionism. My approach is to use emotion consciously so the subconscious takes over the stroke and color.” Uptown artist, CarolStrait, creates emotionally evocative paintings using acrylics, oil pastels  and her fingers. Largely self-taught, in 1999, Carol was accepted into the Uptown Art Fair as a pet portrait artist  then spent six years at the Renaissance Festival. Carol  is a featured artist at Moto-I's Geisha Gallery and The Falafel King. Her work is displayed throughout the greater Twin Cities metro area. 

Holiday Gift Stroll



Thursday, Friday & Saturday

December 4th & 6th 10am-5pm

Who: the Artist Mercantile, Sophist-A-Gifts, Landmark Jewelers (located in the Hamm Bldg) and Landmarket Gift Shop (located in LandmarkCenter) invite you to our 5th Annual Holiday Gift Stroll.

What: The Holiday Gift Stroll provides the perfect atmosphere for one to come to downtown St. Paul, shop for the holidays, grab a bite at one of the local restaurants, and enjoy the lights and beauty that only historic downtown provides.

Where: Each shop is located within one block of Saint Paul’s historic RicePark and is within easy walking distance from each other. Start your Stroll at the Artist Mercantile 24 West 7th Place, St. Paul, MN55102

Why: It’s Fun, it’s Free. This holiday event showcases the unique businesses that downtown have to offer.

How does it Work? Shoppers may pick up a Gift Stroll Postcard at any of the shops before or during the Stroll. Shoppers will receive a sticker on their card from each location; bring it to each of the shops to receive a sticker. No purchase is necessary. When all four stickers have been collected, filled out your card and drop it at your last stop. Completed cards will receive a complimentary pair of tickets to the History Theatre’s monthly performance of “Sample Night Live” and will also be entered into a drawing to win prizes such as; a night stay at the St. Paul Hotel Park Square Theatre tickets and a gift certificate for each shop location.

Hope to see you there!

Jewelry & Hot Cocoa Party!

 Jewelry & Hot Cocoa Party!

Friday, November 21st from 12-6pm


Back by Popular Demand!  I’m extremely excited to announce that I have Linda Bonine of DeDesigns Jewelry back with her one of a kind accessories.  After customers kept telling me how much they enjoyed DeDesigns when Linda and her daughter were here in February, I was determined to get them back.

 DeDesigns jewelry is made of  vintage jewelry pieces and then re-created into modern day accessories. This well seasoned designer has been creating jewelry for 28 years and she has been selling her jewelry at art shows for 26 years. She graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA and an emphasis in design.
Her pieces often have rhinestones or Austrian Crystals, some vintage coins, many types of metals are use, flowers, Art Deco work, etc. Linda’s jewelry has a wide range of style; from g
lamour, elegant, sophisticated to bold and lavish.

And did I mention the Hot Cocoa Bar? Yes, I thought we might need some warming up!  I will have a hot cocoa bar with all of the toppings. Fun! 

 Start You're Saint Paul Art Crawl Here

Art Opening: Friday, Oct. 10th 6-9pm

Art crawl continues... Oct. 11th 12-8pm & Sunday, Oct. 12th 12-5pm 

Featuring: Rural landscape paintings in oil by Jamie Solberg. 

More on Jamie: Jamie Lauler Solberg is an oil painter concentrating on moody, weather focused landscapes most recently. She earned a BFA in painting and drawing from the University of Wisconsin – Stout in 1999 and has been showing and selling her work locally and nationally since then. Solberg currently lives in Minneapolis with her husband and 2 sons.

"My work focuses on the Midwest landscape. Having family in Wisconsin, I am always taking photos during our drive hoping to record those big beautiful skies to take back home. The landscape has been a great subject for me to explore color and mood. 
I love experimenting with technique and process by applying and removing thin veils of color. Working and reworking until I get depth and a certain ambiance that rides the line between realistic, abstract and expressionist."


Thursday, Sept. 18th 11am-2pm & Friday, Sept. 19th 4-8pm

The Artist Mercantile is excited to present three distinctive and creative artists for our Autumn Accessory Show. Susan Panciera is our guest artist who creates gorgeous jewelry in sterling silver, pearls and semi-precious stones. Textile artist Mary Therese will be featuring her fall line of hand-painted and dyed silk scarves. And our third artist, Roseanne Levi will have her stylish but warm cloche hats. The Silver+Silk+Style show is for two days only: Thursday, September 18th from 11am-2pm and Friday, September 19th 4-8pm. It is free and open to the public. Stop in to get a chance to win a piece of jewelry by Susan Panciera!!!!

Susan Panciera is our guest artist and her jewelry collection is created with swirls and curves of sterling SILVER. Per Susan, “We are all inspired by beauty in nature – here we find endless forms – the line, the circle, any combination of curves. Bubbles, berries, paths (both literally and figuratively), loops, nests, stones and swirls all present themselves in my recent collections, and tie the work I love to do to life itself.” Dress it up or down Susan’s jewelry has flow and is sophisticated.

Our silk artist is Mary Therese. This Bemidji artist uses dyes and Batik to create sophisticated SILK scarves. Mary draws with wax resists (batik) and thickened dyes, sometimes printing with natural objects and carved linoleum blocks to add layers of textures and imagery. Her experience in fabric and design came from working with her mother who was a seamstress constructing costumes and banners.

The lady with all the STYLE is Roseanne Levi; she is an interior designer during the day and creates Avant-garde hats by night. Roseanne started creating hats on her own since she couldn’t find anything in the stores she liked. Because of her background with interior design she knows her fabrics and what types work well with one another. Her hats will add a touch of style to any fall wardrobe.




Drawings by Lisa Rydin Erickson
Photographs by Angie Wiseman

The Artist Mercantile is pleased to present COLOR + DESIGN a two person show about artists using a digital medium to create their unique art of choice. Lisa Rydin Erickson uses her iPad to create lively and imaginative illustrations while Angie Wiseman uses her digital camera to create innovative abstract photography.  Side by side you will see how each artist expresses themselves using a strong color and design element.

Lisa is a Saint Paul native who received a B.F.A. from Kansas City Art Institute in painting and printmaking. She has a back ground in painting murals and backdrops and also taught art at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  In 2011 Lisa started producing digital art while she was commuting to and from work on the bus.  Little did she know how much she would enjoy the process and results of these bus rides. Within a year she started quite a considerably large portfolio of work for herself.  Lisa Rydin Erickson now sells her prints, cards, and fabric designs in shops around the Twin Cities. She also has illustrated books and made motion animations using this contemporary medium.

After taking just one black and white photography class, Angie Wiseman will be presenting a small sampling of her large body of color photography.  She has over 1,000 photographs in her portfolio. Her work will give you the sensation that makes you want to reach inside of them.  They will often leave you questioning the subject matter and technique utilized. Angie describes her photography as”inspirational fusion”.  Per Angie,” People find my work very mysterious, everyone sees something different; there is beauty in my art. I feel so fortunate to have found my purpose. I hope in some small way my art may inspire you to look deeper within yourself.  Enjoy the journey.”

Show ends Septmeber 30th.


The Extinction of Things with Wings
Art Opening May 16th 6-9pm
The Artist Mercantile is pleased to present “Vanishing Point” by Minneapolis artist Mike Carina. This body of work is all about birds and the increased extinction of them. Mike creates mixed media pieces that are intriguing and exquisite in detail and composition.  The Vanishing Point art opening is Friday, May 16th, from 6-9pm.

This series is created in watercolor, acrylic, ink and pencil on paper with minimal collage elements. There are hand-cut details on a secondary layer of paper that surround the bird images. This detail is to help highlight the demise of each species in most instances. The third layer includes hand-written text that is taken from scientific research and agencies working with bird conservation. Per Mike Carina, "Influenced by scientific studies and reports spotlighting the steady decline of certain bird species, my work celebrates the effort made by species who’ve, so far, beaten the odds. The cause for concern, in most cases is a lack of habitat, pollution and the
careless use of natural resources on our part. My work attempts to take action by creating an archive of these ‘things with wings’ if, for no other reason, than to mark their existence and unique beauty in such toxic and inhospitable environments."

Mike Carina has illustrated for companies such as National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, City Business, and The Chicago Tribune. He specialized in product design, illustration and fine art. Mike designs home decor products for both national and international companies. He currently owes Carina Creative with his wife which was founded in 2003. His first product launched under our brand was a tin of trout flies which are currently sold here at the Artist Mercantile.  Check out his flies and be sure to catch Vanishing Point, it runs through July 5th, 2014.




Saint Paul Art Crawl

Artist Reception Friday, April 25th 6-9pm


Paintings by Ta-coumba T. Aiken

Ta–coumba is a Twin Cities artist, arts administrator, educator and community activist who focuses on public art and collaborative projects. His “rhythm paintings” on paper and canvas are loose and lively. He has participated in the creation of over 300 murals and public art sculptures with themes ranging from local history to the artist's own style of rhythmic pattern and spirit writing. The artist has served on the boards of the Minneapolis Arts Commission, the African American Cultural Arts Center, Forecast Public Arts, and the St. Paul Arts Collective and has acted as an advisor on the arts for both the City of St. Paul and the City of Minneapolis. He has been the recipient of awards including a Pollock–Krasner Foundation Fellowship and a Bush Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship. His works can be found in public and private collections including those of the Walker Art Center, General Mills, Herbie Hancock, Taj Mahal, and Maya Angelou. His work will be up until May 3rd.

Cant' make it on Friday? Stop in on Sat. from 1-3pm or
Sun. from 12-2pm to see work  by artists from Legacy Endeavors.



Jewelry Trunk Show and Soiree


A Pre-Valentine Event

This year the Artist Mercantile pre-Valentine Day soiree includes a jewelry trunk show. Friday, February 7th from 11am-1pm starts off the two day event with a lunchtime jewelry trunk show and luscious chocolate truffles for sampling. Saturday, February 8th from 7-9pm will highlight two different collage artists working in different mediums, as well as the second day of the jewelry trunk show, chocolate truffle samples, delectable wine and live music by Taylor Hamilton. Open up your senses and come celebrate the season of love.

On Friday, stop in on your lunch hour and try on something sparkly. DeDesigns will be here with their vintage inspired jewelry collection. DeDesigns are a mother and daughter jewelry making team who are “Transforming grandma’s jewelry into a work of art.”  Their pieces are made of materials such as gold filigree, silver, crystals and rhinestones.  DeDesigns jewelry will only be here for a limited time, so catch it while you can.

Saturday evening will feature collage artist Sarah Wash.  Her work is in the neoclassical style and she uses organic lines, femininity, and natural/pastoral themes, done in acrylic paint, pencil, watercolor and mod podge. 
Our other talented collage artist is Christy Johnson, whose work features shadow boxes with gilded frames, and includes such things as album covers, digital designs, and fabric. Her work is very dimensional and has titles that remind one of a relationship such as "I Choose You”. Wall art will be shown through March 8th, 2014.

Cost: FREE





Holiday Gift Stroll – Thursday & Friday December 5th & 6th 10am-8pm, and Saturday, December 7th 10am-5pm

Who: the Artist Mercantile, Sophist-A-Gifts, Landmark Jewelers (located in the Hamm Bldg) and Landmarket Gift Shop (located in Landmark Center) invite you to our 5th Annual Holiday Gift Stroll.
What: The Holiday Gift Stroll provides the perfect atmosphere for one to come to downtown St. Paul, shop for the holidays, grab a bite at one of the local restaurants, and enjoy the lights and beauty that only historic downtown provides.
When: Thursday & Friday December 5th & 6th 10am-8pm, and Saturday, December 7th 10am-5pm.
Where: Each shop is located within one block of Saint Paul’s historic Rice Park and is within easy walking distance from each other. Start your Stroll at the Artist Mercantile 24 West 7th Place, St. Paul, MN 55102
Why: It’s Fun, it’s Free. This holiday event showcases the unique businesses that downtown have to offer.
How does it Work? Shoppers may pick up a Gift Stroll Postcard at any of the shops before or during the Stroll. Shoppers will receive a sticker on their card from each location; bring it to each of the shops to receive a sticker. No purchase is necessary. When all four stickers have been collected, filled out your card and drop it at your last stop. Completed cards will receive a complimentary pair of tickets to the History Theatre’s monthly performance of “Sample Night Live” and will also be entered into a drawing to win prizes such as; a night stay at the St. Paul Hotel Park Square Theatre tickets and a gift certificate for each shop location.
Hope to see you there!

Lavender Hills November 8th 6-9pm


Paintings by Nicky Torkzadeh
On Friday, November 8th from 6-9pm the Artist Mercantile will host a solo show of paintings by Nicky Torkzadeh. Her paintings features familiar sights such as fauna, flora and children in whimsical and abstract settings rendered in vibrant colors painted on canvas and wood. The night will include a meet and greet with Nicky Torkzadeh and the work of many other local artists.  
Per Nicky,” When my visions gains complexity by the addition of intense colors, thick lines, and cross-hatching swirls, I say why not? I believe that these elements come together to make my work whole. “  Like Hopper who Nicky takes inspiration from, she welcomes the juxtaposition of the familiar with the abstract.
Nicky was born in Tehran Iran, and emigrated to Minnesota almost 30 years ago. After collecting degrees in Studio Arts, Biology, and Architecture she worked as a graphic designer for many years and then as an artist. Nicky divides her working hours between her small home office and her more spacious studio in North East Minneapolis.  Her show runs through December 31st, 2013.

This show is a part of the new series of art openings and events at the Artist Mercantile. The focus of the gallery is to promote the work of Minnesota artists.  Original pieces come in many forms such as ceramics, glass, paintings, jewelry and wood working.

Fall Art Crawl


  Who: Artist Jessie Schreier

  What: Art Opening – Wolf versus Man

  Exploring the Relationship Between Man and Beast

  Where: Artist Mercantile

When: Fri. Oct. 4th 6-9pm

Also open Sat. Oct. 5th 12-8pm & Sun. Oct 6th 12-5pm

About the Artist

Jessie is presenting a view of the now-hunted gray wolf through her paintings. This series of work reflects the beauty and mystic nature of this wild creature. Jessie's paintings are made with oil on canvas; her style is loose and has a gestural quality. The hope of her work is to evoke empathy for the gray wolf and a change to the current law.

Jessie Schreier studied Painting and Art History at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul. This body of work was inspired by a trip to the Wolf Rehabilitation Center in Ely, MN. Visiting the Center evoked a strong sense of respect and appreciation for wolves. Made from oil paint on canvas, these paintings are vivid representations of this amazing creature.

Jessie has exhibited work at various galleries throughout the Twin Cities, including the Walker Art Center. Jessie has also participated in many art fairs including the Uptown Art Fair and Art in Bayfront Park in Duluth. She currently lives and works in St. Paul.

More on the St. Paul Art Crawl




Get Ready for Fall
Featuring: cloisonné enamel jewelry of artist Emily Chesick
Thursday, September 19th from 11am-1pm
On Thursday, September 19th, the Artist Mercantile will be hosting a jewelry trunk show featuring the cloisonné enamel jewelry of artist Emily Chesick. Emily will be here on the 19th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to exhibit her work and answer any questions. Her work is inspired by nature, sophisticated and is one-of-a-kind. The jewelry will be available for sale at the Artist Mercantile through the 22nd. Hours: Open until 5pm on the 19th, Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 11am-5pm and Sunday 1-4pm. Don’t miss this limited engagement!
Ever since learning to do enamel work as a young adult, Emily has been passionate about creating enameled artwork. She does all of her own work designing, enameling and metalworking each piece. Her inspiration comes from nature: plants, animals, and landscapes.  She is fascinated by organic forms and in how these shapes interact with the human body.  Additionally, the interaction of color is also important to her, and vital to the success and mood of each piece. Her goal is, “to create jewelry that others are excited and pleased to wear.”
In addition to Emily’s jewelry you will find an abundance of other locally made accessories. Artist will be bringing in new scarves, hats, bags, etc just in time for the fall trunk show. If you are going to be working with the Pantone Fall color palette of Emerald, yellow-toned Linden Green and Mykonos Blue; Emily’s jewelry will complement your wardrobe.  
Definition of Cloisonné Enameling technique per Merriam-Webster: Delicate strips of gold, brass, silver, copper, or other metal wire are welded to a metal plate in the shape of a design, and the resulting cellular spaces are filled with vitreous enamel paste that is fired, ground smooth, and polished. The earliest surviving examples are six 13th-century BC Mycenaean rings. The technique reached its peak in the West during the Byzantine Empire. Chinese cloisonné was widely produced during the Ming and Qing dynasties; in Japan it was popular in the Edo and Meiji periods.

Street Paintings by David Cunningham


Street Paintings
Art Opening
The Artist Mercantile will present a solo show with works by oil painter David Cunningham. David combines the influences of the “old masters" along with the look of street photography.
Stop by to meet this up-and-coming artist, see his new works and hear music by DJ Larry Englund and friends.

Per David,” As an artist, my goal is to convey an emotion to the viewer with the simplest means. My work is about painting toward an emotion and knowing when to stop working lest the entire structure fall apart. Leaving the paintings in place where the viewer can pick up in their imagination where I left off.”
David’s work is dark in nature with night scenes, silhouettes and Minneapolis landmarks playing a prominent role. His paintings capture moments in time like the street photography he is influenced by. Like the street photography David is influenced by; his paintings capture moments in time. These moments are often quiet moments and spaces in time when no one is around.
There are scenes such as someone catching a train, scenes of smoking, a single trumpet player, someone walking alone on the in the city. The titles to his paintings reflect these images and feelings that David is conveying. Some titles include “Morning” “City Lights” “Noir” and “Out of Time”. 
About David
When David was 16 he started attending classes part-time at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art, a traditional art school that adheres to a stringent French academic tradition as well as taking classes at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. After graduating high school David entered a four year apprenticeship at The Atelier. 
After completing the program David took up studying landscape painting while living in southern Argentina and became tuned into the 19th century tonalist painters George Inness and James McNeill Whistler. Their atmospheric paintings along with the works of countless other painters, musicians, and writers continue to influence his work. 

Jewelry Trunk Show

Wednesday, May 8th 11am-2pm
Feat of Clay
Jewelry & Gifts by Julie and Phil Johnson

Julie has made polymer clay her full-time occupation for twelve years. She established her business, Feat of Clay, in 2002. Her first year of working with polymer clay was essentially experimental and self-taught.  She quickly learned to appreciate the complexities and challenges of the medium because of the limitless possibilities those challenges created.  Julie continues to discover herself through personal exploration and experimentation, research, active membership in local and international polymer clay guilds, and by taking classes from recognized masters in the medium. The amazing versatility of the material allows Julie to create her own colors, develop her own shapes, and utilize a vast array of design techniques. Julie’s flair for design combined with her love of color is executed in one-of-a-kind works of art. While she primarily creates jewelry, she also specializes in collectible kaleidoscopes and sculptural items.  

Julie is fortunate to have her husband Phil as a business partner. Phil is solely responsible for Feat of Clay’s marketing, finance, and operations; he also handles important artistic assignments such as sanding, buffing, and assembly.
Meet them and see their work here on Wednesday, May 8th!

AMENDMENTS Art Crawl Art Opening


 AMENDMENTS an acyrlic textural painting series by artist Jeralyn Victoria  Mohr. 

On Friday, April 26th from 6-9pm the Artist Mercantile will kick off the  St. Paul  Art Crawl by hosting a an opening reception for local artist Jeralyn Victoria Mohr's "AMENDMENTS" series. Opening night will feature the artist, her work and live jazz fusion guitar music by David Ziffer from 7-8pm.

Jeralyn’s work combines influences from domestic textiles, rugs and abstract design. Through the "AMENDMENTS" series, Jeralyn Mohr states she is "mending and healing”. The series is also about disrepair, tension, damage, and separation. Jeralyn achieves this though different techniques. First she maps out a graph on the canvas using graphite which peeks through the acrylic paint. The artist then purposefully damages the canvas by puncturing holes in at specific areas in the graph. Using these holes, the artists threads yarn through them and sews on the surface of the paintings evoking healing and mending. This technique creates interest and texture in the pieces. In some areas of the graph she has sewn metal beads onto the paintings which produce one more layer of dimension.
Through these paintings Jeralyn is mending “disrepair, tension, damage and separation.” This is reflected through the purposeful damaged of the canvas.  There is the tension that the yarn creates and separation from one graphed out area to another. It is about changing, fixing, reworking and improving and creating new surfaces to mend. 
Jeralyn Victoria Mohr is a local artist, muralist and interior designer. Her "Amendments" series can be viewed at the Artist Mercantile through June 30th.

Art of Romance Soiree Friday, Feb 8th 6-9pm

Celebrate the Season of Love
On Friday, February 8th from 6-9pm the Artist Mercantile will host the fifth Art of Romance Soiree. This years Soiree will focus on two artists of two different mediums; Jenny Justad a glass blower out of the Minnesota Center for Glass Arts and Lauren Strom a local abstract painter. As usual there will be live music by musican John Lampson, chocolates to sample, refreshments and a chance to meet the artist and see their creations.
Artist Jennifer Justad was first introduced to the art of glass blowing during an art history trip to Venice, Italy. It wasn't until her college career in Wisconsin that she actually had the opportunity to work with the fascinating material. But, it wasn't until she moved back to her home state of Minnesota, and took up mentorships at Foci – Minnesota Center for Glass Arts three years ago, she has expanded her knowledge of glass and sculpture. She now has created a wide ranging portfolio of work focusing on objects ranging from brightly colored cupcakes and ice cream cones to the intricate details of the human heart.
Jennifer writes about the glass hearts, “We all know that our heart beats, but very few are aware of the inner workings of this vital organ. The same can be said of relationships. We are often not privy to the entire inner workings of all human interactions, unaware of their depth and story. The aesthetics and details of the heart held my interest, and the challenge of making such an important part of our anatomy out of glass continues to inspire my work.”

Artist Lauren Strom paints fluffy fat love birds, birds with glasses, bunnies, bicycles and brightly colored abstracts She also enjoys drawing on watercolor paintings with rainbow colored pencils, stamps, and black ink. Lauren draws inspiration from the current colors and textures in fashion and modern design. Helen Frankenthaler inspired her abstract work many, many years ago and there are elements if her method still at play in her work. Artist Linnea Doyle inspires Lauren to push my fat birds into new areas.  Lauren has been painting the fat birds since 2007. They were her first adventure away from abstract painting. Since then the birds have developed a distinct personality and she started painting them wearing glasses and such. She often tries to paint the background and the bird in contrasting colors. 
As a child she drew and made collages. Lauren didn't start painting until college at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. She learned to watercolor paint and she had a professor who said the only difference between acrylic and watercolor painting was the amount of water used. Lauren just took get word for it and starting painting in acrylic. 
Per Lauren,”My art is meant to make people happy. I choose colors and images that make me happy and I hope to pass the same feeling in to others.”

This is a free event and featured artwork runs through April 5th 2013.

5th Annual Holiday Gift Stroll Nov 29th, 30th & Dec 1

Who: the Artist Mercantile, Sophist-A-Gifts, Landmark Jewelers (located in the Hamm Bldg) and Landmarket Gift Shop (located in Landmark Center) invite you to our 5th Annual Holiday Gift Stroll.
What: The Holiday Gift Stroll provides the perfect atmosphere for one to come to downtown St. Paul, shop for the holidays, grab a bite at one of the local restaurants, and enjoy the lights and beauty that only historic downtown provides.
When: Thursday, November 29th & Friday, November 30th from10am-8pm and Saturday, December 1st from 10am-5p.m.
Where: Each shop is located within one block of Saint Paul’s historic Rice Park and are within easy walking distance from each other. Start your Stroll at the Artist Mercantile 24 West 7th Place, St. Paul, MN 55102
Why: It’s Fun! This Free Holiday event is an effort to introduce these unique businesses to area shoppers.
How does it Work? Shoppers may pick up a Gift Stroll Postcard at any of the shops before or during the Stroll. Shoppers will receive a sticker on their card from each location; bring it to each of the shops to receive a sticker. No purchase is necessary. When all four stickers have been collected, filled out your card and drop it at your last stop. Completed cards will receive a complimentary pair of tickets to the History Theatre’s monthly performance of “Sample Night Live” and will also be entered into a drawing to win prizes such as; a night stay at the St. Paul Hotel, tickets to Ordway’s performance of “Elf “, Park Square Theatre tickets and a gift certificate for each shop location.
Hope to see you there!

Saint Paul Art Crawl

The Artist Mercantile will be open for the Saint Paul Art Crawl.

Extended hours are Friday, Oct. 12th 6-9pm and Saturday, Oct 13th 12-8pm. 

Start your Art Crawl here!

Forever Light Reverse Paintings by Daniel Lager

On Friday, October 5th from 6-9pm the Artist Mercantile will host an art opening of Forever Light: Reverse Paintings by Daniel Lager.  This solo show will consist of over twenty paintings made in the uncommon and technique of reverse painting. The pieces are created with enamel paint on the back side of clears acrylic glass. Lager’s works are made by brush painting the foreground first and then painting the backgrounds last. The style is modern, sophisticated and saturated in vibrant colors. Opening night will feature the artist, his work and live local music.The show runs through December 31st, 2012. 
“Forever Light” is title of a painting by Lager that was commissioned for Fairview Hospital in Red Wing, Minnesota. The image of this piece (see attached) is a single brightly colored tree standing alone with a faint moon above that is surrounded by the dark colors of the landscape. The artist wishes the viewer to see, “that no matter how bad things were there is always the light of hope in the darkest of time.” Each of his painting expresses a personal story; a family member, slice of life or bit of humor.
Lager got his start when he set up his first studio at age twelve. He built his own easel and stool and arranged his bedroom as an art studio space. He pursued his passion by attending Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He has shown his work nationally since 1983 and has won many awards. Lager currently works as a full time artist.

Meet & Greet - Christine McClure Johnson

Thursday, September 20th 11am - 1pm

Christine studied studio art and art history at the University of Colorado. Christine has always been interested in the relationship of color, texture and spatial relationships as they apply to various art mediums. Her jewelry reflects this interest as well. You may have seen her cat or dog pendant necklaces at the Artist Mercantile.  She creates unique pieces of jewelry from interesting trinkets, curious beads or brilliant gems.
Besides her love of creating jewelry, she very active in my local community's public school system. Christine provides fund raising leadership for arts programming in elementary schools. Christine was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota.  She is currently living with my family on the Westside of Los Angeles, California. She spends time in Minnesota each year to visit the rest of her family, relatives and friends.

Artist Meet & Greet - Sheila Bayle

Thursday, September 6th 11am-1pm
From the time Sheila was very small, she loved textiles. She would go to the old “five and dime” stores and spent hours perusing the household items isle. She would buy fabric, embroidery floss, yarn and beads without any idea how she might use them.
Sheila’s mother disapproved of her “fritting away” with the beads, etc. But, despite this Sheila branched out to beading, wet felting and even paper arts before too long. Sheila was influences by her grandmother who was a knitter. After graduating from college though, she went to work full time and just sort of forgot about the arts.
Eleven years later, there was resurgence in beading and Sheila got hooked again. Sheila learned beading techniques, created her own designs, and then taught beading classes. In 1992, she made her mom necklace from seed beads. Her mother loved it, and they both laughed long and hard about her disapproval over Sheila’s obsession with beads and yarn as a youngster. After that, Sheila’s mother wore all of her gifts with great pride, and was her best salesperson ever.
Sheila is an award-winning jewelry designer who weaves jewelry and small sculptures from modern and antique glass beads, base and precious metal beads, gemstones, fresh water pearls, and seed beads. Though there can be as many as 750 seed beads in just one square inch of single-needle bead weaving, the process of weaving intricate structures using tiny pieces of glass is meditative, rewarding – and just plain fun.

Artist Meet & Greet -Theresa Angelo

Thursday, August 16 th 11am-1pm

Theresa Angelo gives a nod to God through the pairing of creativity and fine craftsmanship by creating custom and one-of-a-kind books. For Christmas in 2002 Theresa purchased an e-book for her husband, and realized it would make a much finer gift by having it printed and bound. After three or four times trying to create a solid functioning book, she purchased a couple of "how-to's" on book binding to help her along. In 2010 at the MN Center for the Book Arts Theresa found a mentor and now has studio space in a bindery. She earned a fine arts degree in the early 80s, pre-Mac. Theresa makes her living as a graphic artist. Per Theresa "I've always loved to sew; now I sew books."

Artist Meet & Greet - Chris Gray

Thursday, August 2nd 11am-1pm

Glass blower Chris Gray was born in Marshalltown, Iowa in 1984. His interest in glass sparked after watching some live glass blowing about fifteen years ago. Chris tried the art of glass blowing for the first time in 2003 has been learning ever since. Chris moved to Minnesota in 2005 and started taking classes at Anoka Ramsey Community College where he received his Associate in Fine Arts and is in pursuit of his BFA. Chris combines the art of fused and blown glass to create a colorful tie-dyed series of vases and sculptures. He also has pieces that are sand blasted for a more opaque look and sometimes includes metal in his work. His work won first place in blown glass and fused glass at the Minnesota State Fair in 2009 and first place in fused glass in 2010.

Artist Meet & Greet - Gloria Acker

Thursday, July 19th 11am-1pm

Gloria has been a bead addict since 1998.  Over the years, she has developed her skills and found interest in designing, stringing, bead weaving, lampworking and wire working. Gloria is especially good at taking vintage pieces and making them into new and exciting works of jewelry.
Glory Beads! is the name is her jewelry line. The name of her line is her attempt to describe her shock (as well as that of her family and friends) at finding out that she had a creative side. Gloria is more than happy to design to your specifications -- to fit your style, occasion or budget.

Artist Meet and Greet - Brittany Foster

Thursday, July 5th from 11am-1pm

“Making things more complicated, one broken saw blade at a time.”

With innumerable influences, from cephalopods to industrial debris and munitions, Brittany makes things, because she has always made things. As a youngster, she was drawn to doing things with her hands. Jewelery seemed mysterious, which led her to wonder, “How people could possibly do that with simple, manual tools?”. When she discovered there were also hammers and fire involved, it sealed the deal.

Having once been told that the human eye and brain can see a wiggle in a line to .03″ Brittany took it as a challenge. She uses a standard jeweler’s saw to cut all the twirly lines by hand. Her work is not fueled by electricity, but, much like Popeye, by spinach and beer. She also deploys the classic “hit it with a hammer” technique on her wrought pieces, which balances well with the meticulous work of cutting those curlicues.

Having taken Community College courses in jewelry through high school, Brittany went to the School for American Crafts at the Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating with honors in 2002. She then went on to set up an increasingly complicated shop (which now includes a small personal jungle). She has always worked as an independent jeweler with her own studio, developing her unique style through the time-honored method of trial and error.

Artist Meet & Greet - Pam McConville

Thursday, June 21st from 11am-1pm
Pam took her first stained glass class in 1998 as a way to reduce stress and find balance in her life from working as an elementary teacher in Minneapolis.  It soon became a passion.  In 2001 an opportunity arose where she could teach half time and work part time at a stained glass store.  Four years later she left teaching to devote her energies solely on creating stained glass art.  Besides working with glass in the more traditional ways building windows and lamps, she also does mosaics and fused glass. 

Artist Meet & Greet - Lauren Strom

 Thursday, June7th from 11am-1pm

“Art makes me happy and I think it should make you happy too.”

Lauren is a Minnesota born artist with a BA from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL.  She paints with acrylics and watercolors on canvas and paper in sizes ranging from 2x2 inches to 6x6 feet. She likes to dabble with drawings, stamps, ink, charcoal, colored pencils, and so on.  I also enjoy sewing recycled sweaters into leg warmers, wrist warmers, hats, mittens, and scarves. In the Fall of 2011 she created a line of little monsters that are sold here. They are sewn from new and recycled materials and made for cuddling.
Per Lauren, “I hope you find enough joy in my art to carry you to your next adventure.”

Spring Art Crawl

Collage  by Lynn BloomquiestThe Artist Mercantile will be Open for the Spring Art Crawl.  April 27th -29th Hours: Fri 6-10PM, Sat 12-8pm, Sun 12-3pm.  Stop in to see the work of featuring new artist Lynn Bloomquist Lynn works in collage using techniques such as: paper cutting and layering and often includes findings such as dried leaves and flowers. The Artist Mercantile will also be featuring botanicals by watercolorist by Sandra Muzzy. Sandra is a fill time artist and teacher. Per Sandra” Watercolor is the perfect medium to capture the transient nature of my subjects. It can be spontaneous, high energy and capricious. It is always delicate and responsive. It allows me to vent, to express, to emote... To start all over again."

Art of Romance Soiree

On Friday, February 10th from 4-8pm the Artist Mercantile will host the Art of Romance Soiree. At this free event be prepared to have your senses completely engaged. We will feature live music, tasty chocolates, refreshments, eclectic gift choices and a new exhibition of artist Becky Kehrwald's Heart series. ***The Heart painting series featured at the soiree was created by Minneapolis painter Becky Kehrwald. These paintings are infused with expression, rich color fields, and intentional mark-making. Becky uses a process of play and discovery, working intuitively layer by layer. There is a freedom and joy that comes as various heart imagery unfolds within these abstract acrylic works. Becky continues to seek beauty within the imperfection of the painting process. (Image shown is Mini Blue Heart) SHOW RUNS 2/3-2/24. ***Local musician Sam Hall will be performing live acoustic guitar and vocals for this event. His music style is soft, even guitar and gentle vocals with a singer-songwriter style. Some of his songs are When Running Doesnt Do to Sarah, I Know. The aesthetic of Halls work covers new beginnings, friendships, and chasing the dream. HE WILL BE PERFORMING FROM 6:30-8pm. ***The Artist Mercantile offers a wide variety of Minnesota made art and gifts perfect for Valentines. Some customer favorites include one of a kind jewelry, wooden jewelry boxes, wine and martini glasses, ceramic vases, bath soaps, lip balm and cards. So come celebrate the season of love with us. It will be a night to remember.

4th Annual Holiday Gift Stroll

Don't miss the 4th Annual Holiday Gift Stroll Thursday, Dec 1st and Friday, Dec 2nd from 10am-8pm, and Saturday Dec 3rd from 10am-5pm. Artist Mercantile, Sophist-A-Gifts, Landmark Jewelers (all located within the Hamm Building) and Landmarket Gift Shop (located inside Landmark Center) will host this fun annual event which coincides with Landmark Center's 33rd Annual Holiday Bazaar. Shoppers may pick up a Gift Stroll Postcard at any of the shops before or during the Stroll. Shoppers will receive a sticker on their card from each location. Completed cards will be entered into a drawing for great prizes! Prizes include a family four pack to Cinderella at the Ordway, passes to Park Sqaure Theatre, a holiday tir from Heimies Haberdashery, etc. Winners need not be present. No purchase is necessary to win. **This Year: Collect stickers from all participating shops and receive 2 free tickets to Sample Night Live (a $40 value).

Meet & Greet with Jeff Hansen

THURSDAY, AUGUST 11TH 11AM-1PM *** Exploring the outdoors and capturing the beauty of nature on film is his absolute passion. He tries to maintain what constantly escapes us in a timeless moment. Searching for those indisputable moments when Nature speaks to us of change, natural rhythms, opposites, and secrets. Always exploring his impressions of the world and seeking out the fragile and delicate harmonies that surround him. To achieve this is not easy. Immersing himself in the unique elements of nature takes a lot of time and effort. Much of which, is spent traveling to regional State Parks and Nature Reserves in and around the Minnesota area. Currently he is expanding to new horizons across North America. From the Great Lakes and beyond, elusive and fleeting, glorious and spectacular, nature astounds us all in many different ways. So with his trusty camera and tripod he treks on in high hopes to inspire us all. Quote: "As long as I can influence just one person to help discover an appreciation for nature through a photo that I have taken, I will have accomplished something truly beautiful."***

Meet & Greet with Jada Schumacher

THURSDAY, AUGUST 4TH from 11AM-1PM. **Jada Schumacher creates crisp paper goods like Lunchbox Notes and Bedside Manners. Her home accessories are full of sweet wit and bold color for her label, Design Orange. She creates colorful lines of modern cards and home accessories, and she designs custom items for client needs. Jada believes in lives filled with quirky honesty, glamorous sass, and wacky sweetness. Design Orange is located just steps away from Artist Mercantile in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. July 27, 2011

Hamm Building 1st Annual SUMMER STROLL

WEDNESDAY, JULY 27th from 12-3PM the retailers of the Historic Hamm Building will host the first annual Summer Stroll. Each retailer will have something special to offer on this day. Some offerings include: sidewalk specials, complimentary ring cleaning and inspection, paint your own ceramics, refreshments, not to mention the 1/2 Off Sale on selected items at Heimies Haberdashery. Participating retailers include: ARTIST MERCANTILE; local art and gifts. HEIMIES HABERDASHERY; mens clothing and accessories. LANDMARK JEWELERS; fine and estate jewelry. SOPHIST A GIFTS; whimsical gifts and womens accessories. ** This event is for three hours only so dont miss the sales, the opportunity to shop local and support your community. Stop in on your lunch hour or make it a part of your daytrip to downtown St. Paul.

Meet & Greet with Megan Moore

THURSDAY, JULY 21ST FROM 11AM-1PM Megan studied Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She moved to Minneapolis in 2002. She is a member of Studiopolis, a nine-artist studio in the Northrup King Building. She shows her work in local galleries, shops and art fairs. Megan does freelance illustration and graphic design work in addition to personal and commissioned paintings. Her work is painting primarily with acrylics and oils. She creates illustrative images with strong line work and a sense of balance and calm. Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movement influence her style.

Meet & Greet with Christy Johnson

Artist Mercantile St. Paul, MNTHURSDAY, JULY 14TH 11AM-1PM A little about Christy: Per Christy, I've always been artsy. When I was a kid, my drawings--along with those of my twin sister--completely covered my parents' refrigerator. Christy received a degree in mass communications with an emphasis in photojournalism. She worked as a writer/editor for several years. She then realized that she needed a creative outlet again so she went full-time with her graphic design business. Christy owns redshoes26 design, and she has never been happier or felt more creative. She designs with my computer and with my hands, creating greeting cards, mixed-media shadowbox collages, digital collages, illustrations, and pastel and colored-pencil drawings. ***OTHER DATES: July 21st Megan Moore painting, illustration Aug 4th Jada Schumacher paper, home goods Aug 11th Jeff Hansen photos, painting Upcoming: Aug 18th ****

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